Allie & Will are married!

Where do I start? I loved this couple the moment I met them. Considering they both showed up in Clemson attire, it seemed like a match made in heaven. When we did their engagement shoot a while back, it was rainy but with their consent we did it anyway! I remember Allie saying, “My friends aren’t going to believe me when I tell them I just did my engagement photos in the rain, I HATE the rain!”.

I was first contacted by Allie because her cousin, Katie, had told her about me. Katie and I grew up together in dance class and in school, and I was so excited to be able to spend a wedding day with one of my best friends and her awesome family!

The wedding was in downtown Greenville, SC. After they’d had some bad luck with some wedding planners, Allie’s mom, Susan, took the wedding planning upon herself and I think she did an AMAZING job. One of my favorite parts of their wedding day, was when Allie’s father, Charlie, got up and dedicated part of the reception to those they had lost. He had 3 roses and gave them to the family members closest to those who had passed away. I almost shed a few tears, it was such a unique and sincere moment.

I could write a novel about my love for this couple but I’ve got to stop myself at some point. Check out these photos and give some love to Allie and Will!

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  • Allison Askey Boatwright - What a beautiful day thanks to my wonderful photographer, Sara Grant of Sara Bee Photography. She is a good friend of my cousin Katie’s and is an amazing photographer….and most definitely one of the sweetest most adorable girl I have ever met. She captured every moment beautifully and perfectly so when I look at the photos of that day I get the same breath taking feelings all over again. I usually don’t enjoy getting my photos taken but Sara had awesome ideas (even in the rain!) during my engagement photos, and we had a blast on Clemson’s campus taking my bridal photos. I love Sara to death, she does a beautiful job. She’s very good at coming up with ideas to make the photo shoot all about the couple and who they are by incorporating little personal touches that make a world of difference. I love you Sara, thanks for making my special day one that I can remember every day as I look through my photos. I’m so glad we got to be friends too!! <3, Sara is located in Charleston, SC which just so happens to be a great place to take engagement photos!
    Thanks again Sara, <3 you!