2016 – New Year, New Me

Somewhere in the midst of 2015, I got a strong urge to change my brand. I had been using the same logo and website for a couple of years, and felt like it just didn’t represent me as a person or as a photographer anymore.

I wanted to create a new look that represented more of my personality, and displayed a more genuine look at my portfolio and what I’m proud of. For the longest time, I got stuck in the rut of just showing people what they wanted to see. I thought that because I’m a photographer based in Charleston I had to display traditional southern wedding portraits in order to get any clients in this area. Well, after trying this approach and constantly being unfulfilled by my work, I thought “what the heck am I doing?”.

Slowly but surely I started to shift my work into something that I was proud of, and I was surprised and pleased to find that my couples loved it as much as I did! So, after several months of dreaming, brainstorming, and hand-selecting the photos that most accurately display the direction I want to take my brand, I bring you the new Sara Bee Photography.

As I head into a new season, I want to keep these two words in mind for my work: simple and genuine. Now that I’ve been through the wedding process myself, I understand now more than ever the importance of being someone’s wedding photographer. I have a duty to capture the day as it happens, and to be the person that allows someones memory of their wedding day to live on for ages. I feel more pressure to not screw that up, because after all this day only happens once, and they’ve trusted me to document it.

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