"i don't want my photographer
to know anything about me."
said no one ever

I'm going to be totally honest with you - I photograph weddings 100x better when my couples let me in. The authenticity of my work depends so much on your willingness to share who you are beyond the surface. When your wedding day finally arrives, I want to be able to give you a big hug and it not be weird. I want us to get to the point where you send me random texts accompanied by poo emojis because you know thats my favorite thing. I want you to trust me to not only take pictures at your wedding, but to document your love story in the most genuine way possible. I want you to look at your wedding photos years from now and not only love them, but love the experience you had with your photographer. Having your photo taken can be uncomfortable, but I aim to make your whole experience fun and easy. If you allow yourself to get a tiny bit vulnerable, we can make some magic and you'll be giving yourself two thumbs up once you see the result.