BEST OF 2014

Man oh man. 2014 was a crazy year. Not only for my business, but for my personal life as well. The end of 2014 marks the completion of my second year being a wedding photographer, and I’m so excited to see what year three holds. And it’s already looking bright!

Here’s just a few things that happened in 2014:

  • Graduated from College of Charleston in May
  • Got Engaged on June 24
  • Adopted the most adorable puppy to ever exist, she’ll be 1-year old on February 24th!
  • Quit my job at Trader Joe’s (after 3 years) to pursue photography full-time in October
  • Bought my first car only a few days after we got engaged because my transmission went out for the third time…yay for being an adult.
  • Went to the Yellow Conference in Los Angeles and visited my brother out there!
  • Shot 14 weddings…and somehow I already have 25 booked for 2015! I SERIOUSLY don’t understand how that happened, but I feel very blessed and grateful for what this year holds.
  • My mom got remarried and I have the COOLEST Stepdad to ever exist.
  • Went to the Bahamas with my future husband…BEST TRIP EVER
  • Was IN a wedding for once…that was a out-of-body experience
  • Went to NYC and assisted my cousin on a Mori Lee Bridal Catalogue shoot!
  • Celebrated 4 years with my fiancé!
  • Had MY engagement pictures taken by the wonderful and fabulous Emily Chidester (whose last name I still mispronounce)
  • Binge watched Breaking Bad and it was so worth it
  • …I’m sure I’m forgetting some major things. But my brain is failing me right now.


So without further ado, here is a recap of my 2014 through the lens.


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  • Sadie - This photos are stunning. Some seriously stole my breath.