This is one of those weddings that I will never forget.

I still remember the moment I received a phone call from Scott. Jordan and I had just arrived to Clover, SC after packing up our valuables and evacuating from impending the Hurricane Matthew. I picked up the phone and could hear the uncertainty in Scott’s voice as he told me they were relocating their wedding from Charleston to Asheville in a matter of days. I assured him and Aubrey that no matter where their wedding ended up being, I would be there to capture it. When their wedding day arrived a few days later, it sunk it that I was the only original wedding vendor that could make arrangements to be there, and that Scott and Aubrey literally planned an entirely new wedding in three days.

It was all hands on deck. Jordan even came along to do what he could to make their day as perfect as possible. I vividly remember a moment during their ceremony when the officiant said “we only have one last thing to do” and Aubrey looked terrified. Because of everything that had occurred leading up to the wedding, Aubrey had a moment of panic thinking she had forgotten something. It wasn’t until the officiant said “Scott, you may kiss your bride” that she bust out laughing because of all of the things to forget, she forgot that she got to kiss her new husband.

The staff at The Inn at Biltmore did an outstanding job to go above and beyond for this deserving couple. Because they were in financial limbo trying to get refunds from their original vendors, they cut costs wherever they could. They opted out of having a cake for that reason, but when the chef heard about their story, she made them a beautiful cake free of charge. The Inn also comped them with the honeymoon suite for the evening – which after all of the stress leading up to the wedding, they certainly deserved to relax and be pampered.

Scott and Aubrey, you are two of the most wonderful people I’ve crossed paths with. Thank you so much for trusting me to document your unforgettable day! 



When Sara and Jake first mentioned wanting to do an in-home engagement session, my first thought was “Oh God, I hope their house is cute”.

A couple days prior to their shoot, I met up with Sara and Jake for cocktails at their adorable (and yes, it is super freaking cute) house, and then headed to their favorite neighborhood spot for wings. We all got stupidly messy shoving chicken wings in our face and talked about anything and everything. This is one of the many things that I absolutely love and adore about Sara and Jake – they immediately dropped their guards and treated me like a friend instead of the “hired help”.

Fast forward to the day of their shoot. These two are absolute GEMS. Knowing that I had just gotten done shooting an 11-hour wedding day the night prior, they greeted me at the door and asked me how I liked my coffee. After I had some caffeine in my system, we started shooting and you guys, I’m not kidding when I say that these two have more chemistry than a science lab. They’re getting married in 4 months and I cannot freaking wait.

Brittany and Justin are complete goobers, and I love them for it.

They’re getting married on the 17th so I figured it was about damn time I blogged their unforgettable engagement session. As we were selecting locations, Brittany emailed me saying “I want it to be somewhere no one has thought of”. (Insert dumbfounded face here). At first, I was like GAH I have no idea. Then, I was super thankful that she unknowingly forced me to explore uncharted territory and do something different. We started off shooting on Upper King Street, then fought through 45 minutes of traffic, and got to Morris Island right before the sunset.

Their engagement session was literally like a dream for me. They trusted me, did everything I asked (without hesitation) no matter how dumb it was, and laughed at themselves the entire time. They opened up to me about anything and everything – and that’s exactly why I include engagement sessions in my packages. I notice a distinct difference between the weddings where I’ve done an engagement session with the couple, and the ones where I haven’t done one. Going into a wedding day, I want my couples to already trust me and have zero boundaries up when I arrive and put a camera in their face. When you’re comfortable from the get-go on your wedding day, your images turn out 10x more authentic, and who doesn’t want that?