BRIDAL PORTRAITS//Maggie at The Wickliffe House

From the moment I met Maggie, I knew her sweet demeanor would shine through in photographs. When I arrived at the Wickliffe House to shoot her bridal portraits, I was greeted with such a joyful “hi sara!!” that it just warmed my heart. Beyond the fact that Maggie is super sweet, beyond gorgeous, and just authentically genuine (is that redundant?), her dress was a showstopper. I’m a lover of lace, but I had never seen a lace like hers. The dress fit her like a glove. Once we got her bow tied just right, it was off to the races and with every shot I was blown away. She was such a natural at it. This shoot remains one of my favorite bridal portrait sessions to date, and I’m SO thankful that Maggie chose me to photograph such a special time in her life.

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Shoutouts to her awesome beauty team:

Makeup | Dannon Collard

Hair | Charlotte Belk

Dress | Modern Trousseau

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