THAT DRESS. Give me fluff and I’m a happy woman. Envision the little girl from “Despicable Me” screaming “ITS SO FLUFFY IMMA DIE”. That was me on this particular day.

Lauren plus that dress made for an awesome afternoon of joyous shooting at Lowndes Grove. As we transitioned from room to room, pretending like we lived in this gorgeous place, we captured some awesome moments together. And I must say, Lauren totally nailed that sexy face by the end of the shoot. GURL PLEASE.

P.S. Can you tell that I’m sleep deprived and sitting in the airport? 

Sara Bee Photography_0649^^^Big shoutout to my favorite wedding planner to ever exist. He’s the bees knees. Thank you to Justin of Charming Events for taming the dress fluff throughout this shoot and throughout Lauren’s wedding. YOUDA BEST.

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