Engaged | Kendra + Addison (& Kiko)

From the time I first met Kendra for a coffee date at Kudu, I knew that she would be one of my favorites. I recall her saying something along the lines of, “Don’t be fooled by this lipstick, I’m totally not a girly girl”. We laughed and talked about random thoughts, and connected immediately. She had forewarned me that her fiancé, Addison, didn’t understand the concept of engagement pictures. But, believe it or not, Addison TOTALLY got into it. He even said he had FUN! I had an absolute blast photographing these two. Although we were covered in bugs by the end of it, they were troopers. I think I’m still itching and finding bug bites from that night. Enjoy these charmers and keep your eyes peeled for their Legare Waring House wedding next March! 🙂

Entire Gallery: sarabeephotography.pass.us/kendraaddison

2014-04-22_0001 2014-04-22_0002 2014-04-22_0003 2014-04-22_0004 2014-04-22_0005 2014-04-22_0006 2014-04-22_0007 2014-04-22_0008 2014-04-22_0009 2014-04-22_0010 2014-04-22_0011 2014-04-22_0012 2014-04-22_0013 2014-04-22_0014 2014-04-22_0015 2014-04-22_0016 2014-04-22_0017 2014-04-22_0018 2014-04-22_0019 2014-04-22_0020 2014-04-22_0021 2014-04-22_0022 2014-04-22_0023 2014-04-22_0024 2014-04-22_0025 2014-04-22_0026 2014-04-22_0027 2014-04-22_0028 2014-04-22_0029 2014-04-22_0030 2014-04-22_0031 2014-04-22_0032

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  • Chap Films - Every time I check out your photos they look more unique and beautiful. I’m so glad I met you when I did ^_^ !