Newborn, Charleston, SC | Wyatt, 11 days old


This was my first newborn shoot, EVER.

I’m SO incredibly happy that it happened to be with the couple from the the second wedding I ever photographed, Kelley and Nathan. From the moment I met them in 2012, I loved their kind spirits and positive outlook on life. Kelley is so soft-spoken and gentle mannered, I just KNEW that she would make an awesome mother some day. Nathan is such a gem. His smile is contagious and he loves little Wyatt more than anything in the world.

Wyatt was a mere 11 days old when I did this session. He was a bundle of joy and definitely made me excited to be a mother some day (WAY in the future, don’t freak out mom). Also on a side note, Wyatt is a little rock star. He just throws his hands up in the air at random times like he’s at a concert. He’s totally going to be quite the ladies man, too. Little girl babies, watch out for this stud!

2014-02-05_0001 2014-02-05_0002 2014-02-05_0003 2014-02-05_0004 2014-02-05_0005 2014-02-05_0006 2014-02-05_0007 2014-02-05_0008 2014-02-05_0009 2014-02-05_0010 2014-02-05_0011

Little Wyatt reaching for the camera…not really…but I like to think that he’s a photographer in the making 😉2014-02-05_0012 2014-02-05_0013

Abby REALLY wanted to get in the picture! 🙂

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