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Sara Bee Photography was ranked in the Top 25 “Best Wedding Photographers in Charleston” by Expertise.com !


Ali & Cam // Married August 6, 2016

Sara Boyd is the most incredibly talented, ridiculously hilarious, and insanely humblest of all the stealthy ninjas in the world.

Let me explain…

I looked everywhere for a wedding photographer that was within our budget, but that could also make my then-fiancé comfortable enough to loosen up during photos.  The latter task was proving to be next to impossible, until I found Sara’s website.  When I read how much she loved her pajamas, I knew we would be a great match.  Our engagement session was included in our wedding package and it really gave us an opportunity to get comfortable with Sara.  Even my husband, who is normally horrified at the idea of having a picture of himself taken, said on the way home from our engagement session, “that was fun, we should do that more often.”   I was shocked at his response, but he was right.  Sara made us feel like it was no big deal that we had to partake in some major PDA in front of her, and she even made it really fun in the process. It was no time at all before we got back pictures from our engagement session, and I was absolutely floored with how beautiful they were.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding.  Sara was absolutely incredible.  Honestly, I kind of fail to grasp the correct words to convey how amazing she was/still totally is.  She arrives, takes my dress, veil, grandma’s handkerchief etc, and off she goes to capture some of the most awesome pictures while I am still in the bridal suite getting ready.  At one point prior to the ceremony, Sara doubled as my personal therapist by keeping me calm when the rain started pouring down, and texting my husband for me to make sure he hadn’t ran away to Mexico (my request, of course.  Seemed totally reasonable at the time).  She kept calm when there was a crying and screaming child she had to somehow get a picture of (which she also somehow nailed).  Nothing phased her, she was cool and collected as usual. When the wedding ceremony began, Sara became a stealthy ninja in an invisibility cloak. She somehow managed to capture a thousand different angles without us even realizing she was there.  When we got our pictures back, I can’t tell you how many times I thought “how did she get that picture?  Where was she standing?  I didn’t see her there!”  The only explanation I have for you is that she is a stealthy ninja in an invisibility cloak.

But in all seriousness, the pictures Sara captured were absolutely incredible.  This is yet another point where I struggle to find the words to convey how breathtaking they are.  I have received so many compliments, ranging from “you must’ve hired 5 photographers to get so many good shots!” (nope, just one), and people suggesting I must have paid over $10,000 for her services.  I look at the images she took and it feels like a dream.  She captured every moment I could’ve ever wanted captured and more.  We laughed so so hard with her, and we both enjoyed every second of her company. Today I am lucky enough to call her my friend and someone who I absolutely adore on a professional level and a personal level.  It totally is a no-brainer to me that Sara has been ranked as one of the best photographers in Charleston, even though she is too humble to realize she is literally the best.


Abra & Dan // Married May 17, 2016

We absolutely LOVED Sara and would highly recommend her for your wedding. It poured rain on our plantation wedding day but Sara just acted like it was the most beautiful day ever and took us all over with umbrellas! The pictures to my shock were absolutely perfect and in fact probably more special and unique because of the rain and the fun shots Sara took. This gal knows how to take amazing and creative photos that truly capture who you are as a couple and family. Oh and she is a pretty freakin awesome person too! She will put you at ease and feel like a friend you have had forever! I would give her 100 stars if I could!


Anna & Capers // Married October 17, 2015

Choosing Sara Bee Photography was hands down the most rewarding choice we made throughout the wedding planning process. Not only is Sara’s work absolutely stunning, her personality and wit will make you love her even more! She is very reliable, responsive and so easy to connect with. She made us feel like models even though we are far from it! Our wedding pictures were absolutely perfect and more than we could have ever asked for. We would choose Sara 1,000 times over if we could!


Haleigh & Drake // Married October 3, 2015

Words cannot describe how awesome Sara is. My wedding was during the biggest natural disaster SC has seen in years AKA (flood weekend). Out of everything that went wrong that weekend, Sara was one thing that was so right! Sara not only made our wedding photos beautiful but went above and beyond to give us make up photos not in a hurricane so we could get the portraits we truly wanted. Sara will always hold a special place in my heart and I will forever cherish her beautiful photos. I cannot imagine having a better photographer!


Bianca & Lance // Married September 12, 2015

We were recommended Sara Bee Photography through our wedding planner and we could not be HAPPIER about it! From our initial emails with Sara, it was clear we were on the same page and had very similar personalities. Before we even met in person I felt like I’d known her forever! The day of the wedding, Sara and her second photographer were absolutely unbelievable. They caught every single moment perfectly from getting ready and decor details to during the ceremony and the late late reception pictures some of our friends don’t even remember. Sara is a dream to work with and took the stress of the day away! I had absolutely no worries when it came to our photography and have gotten a million compliments on the photos…I’m so glad we will have these forever.


Caroline & Brandon // Married October 4, 2015

Choosing Sara Bee was the most stress free part of the craziness that is wedding planning. When extreme weather crashed our wedding, I knew Sara would be there (with jokes to lighten the mood) even when other vendors cancelled. Sara is truly one of a kind, talented, and refreshingly down to earth.


Regina & Tom // Married July 18, 2015

From the start, Sara was incredibly helpful and supportive. I first met her at our rehearsal dinner party, where she did a fabulous job capturing all the speeches and excitement. During the whole process, she asked us as many questions as possible to ensure that we got the pictures we wanted for our big day. While waiting for the ceremony to begin, it was just her, my dad, and me for about an hour. She was very sweet and took pictures of my dad and I practicing our father-daughter dance in order to help keep us calm. It really helped! We got our pictures back much quicker than I expected, and they were beautiful. Our July wedding may have been the hottest day on record. Everyone was drenched in sweat (bride and groom included), and she somehow managed to make everyone look clean and gorgeous in the photos! Sara added a personal touch to everything. She even sent a thoughtful care package to us in New York filled with Charleston treats and the USB drive with all our pictures. I loved working with her!


Jaime & Nate // Married May 19, 2015

If I lived in Charleston, I would want to be best friends with Sara Grant. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, and wittiest people I have ever met, and she takes absolutely amazing photographs. We were planning a Charleston wedding all the way from Dallas, Texas and knew that the photographer was the most important vendor to hire for our wedding. Because after it is all said and done, the photographs were the only thing we were actually going to have to remember our special day.

We hired Sara because her work definitely spoke for itself; and on our wedding day, we got so much more than a photographer. She became an honorary bridesmaid of sorts, helping carry things, holding my train while I walked, making sure hairs were in place. She just made us feel so comfortable around her, which I think is such an amazing trait to have as a photographer, because you want to look and feel like yourself when someone is snapping pictures of you.

She utilized the time she had with us fully, always knowing the next pose and vision she had for the shot. I felt comfortable giving Sara complete freedom to do whatever she wanted, and she definitely didn’t disappoint. My entire wedding party commented on how amazing she was to work with. Now that we have our photos back, all of my friends and family are blown away and the compliments keep rolling in. You know that your photographer was a great one when you simply cannot stop looking through your pictures.

She made the entire process so easy from start to finish. She was quick to respond to emails and, after receiving our pictures, made it so simple to share them all with friends and family. The only problem I have now is that I simply cannot choose a favorite. I am going to be clearing off lots of wall space and buying so many frames in the near future!