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ENGAGED//Amanda + Eric at Anne Close Springs Greenway


These two gems were the lucky winners of my engagement session giveaway, but I think I’m the lucky one.

They met in the most unlikely place…at P.F. Changs. Eric was a waiter and Amanda just couldn’t keep her eyes off of the cute waiter. After a phone number was left on the receipt…the rest was history.

They have one of those love stories containing so many coincidences. After swapping stories, they realized that they could have met several years ago, as they had been to many of the same places at the same times.

I’ve known Amanda for YEARS. We grew up in church together, and she drove me to high school before I had my license. Once I went off to college, we lost touch. So when she entered my contest and won, I was so overjoyed to reignite that friendship. And I’m SO glad I did.

We opted for a sunrise shoot. So at 6am, Jordan (my fiancé) and I pulled into their driveway, and picked up Amanda and Eric. We stopped by Starbucks on the way to the shoot destination, and then BAM, downpours. It rained for a good twenty minutes. Not to worry though, Amanda and Eric brought MIMOSAS. YES. MIMOSAS. So, while it rained, we all drank pre-shoot mimosas, and it ended up being the best idea EVER. I highly recommend it to everyone.

When all the champagne was gone, the rain came to a halt, and we began our shoot. This shoot, I just can’t even find the words for. I was damn near tears most of the morning because these two are SO in love and it reminded me of why I do what I do. It’s couples like these two that make my job so worthwhile and extremely easy. I’ll let their laughter, kisses, hugs, and cuddles speak for themselves. Cheers!

P.S. These two had a SURPRISE wedding. They invited everyone to their “engagement party”, and surprised them with a wedding. WHO DOES THAT?!? These two. And I love them for it.

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  • Stormey - These are absolutely stunning !! Such a cite story !! Where is this ???? Love love love !!

  • Nancy Perez - Love these photos. You very much captured their love and personalities.