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Molly and Lance // Botany Bay Engagement Session

Okay, so these two right here are just the best, most awkward, human beings on this earth. About a month ago we ventured out to Botany Bay Plantation, and they endured my lackluster conversation for two hours in the car. God bless them. I felt it wouldn’t be right to blog their session without including a decent amount of bloopers from their session, because in reality the majority of their session was outtakes…which I’m 100% down with. On a more serious note, Molly and Lance are my spirit animals — they both love dogs (they have 3 plus 1 foster dog), they have the cutest house, and they sparked my desire to redo furniture found at thrift stores. Thanks for being 100% yourselves, and not caring if you look cute doing it 😉

Side note, the bugs are TERRIBLE out at Botany Bay….these pictures are evidence of that.

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