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MARRIED//Maggie + Kyle at St. Luke’s Chapel and The Wickliffe House

Well well well. What on earth do I say about these two?! I’ve been looking forward to making this blog post because this couple was definitely one of my favorites from this past summer (I’m allowed to have favorites, right?!). The day started out with one of my favorite makeup artists (Dannon Collard, check her out) doing Maggie’s makeup, so I just KNEW it was going to be a fabulous day. Maggie opted out of getting ready amongst her bridesmaids, and chose to be surrounded by just her mom, dad, and brother. It was SUCH a sweet time for all of them, and it definitely made the day less stressful for her.

I hadn’t met Kyle prior to the wedding day, but I just knew that Maggie would be marrying a gem of a guy. I met Kyle, and boy was I right?! He was so excited to marry his bride and it seriously warmed my heart to see him that way. The best part about the guys was definitely Kyle’s dad, the best man. He kept asking me, “Are we going to be taking pictures in a straight line?” I kept reassuring him that at some point I would line them up. Little did I know what he had up his sleeve, literally. Finally, the moment came where the groomsmen were in a straight line, and the dad proceeds to pull a roll of papers out of his sleeve, and hands out every letter of “BADASSES” to the groomsmen. Well played, dad. Well played.

The rest of the evening didn’t disappoint. From hand-rolled cigars and toasts by both dads, to a guest rapping every word of a song that I can’t remember right now and the dad stealing the show during the song “shout”, this evening was quite the source of entertainment. Cheers to you, Maggie and Kyle!

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BRIDAL PORTRAITS//Maggie at The Wickliffe House

From the moment I met Maggie, I knew her sweet demeanor would shine through in photographs. When I arrived at the Wickliffe House to shoot her bridal portraits, I was greeted with such a joyful “hi sara!!” that it just warmed my heart. Beyond the fact that Maggie is super sweet, beyond gorgeous, and just authentically genuine (is that redundant?), her dress was a showstopper. I’m a lover of lace, but I had never seen a lace like hers. The dress fit her like a glove. Once we got her bow tied just right, it was off to the races and with every shot I was blown away. She was such a natural at it. This shoot remains one of my favorite bridal portrait sessions to date, and I’m SO thankful that Maggie chose me to photograph such a special time in her life.

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Shoutouts to her awesome beauty team:

Makeup | Dannon Collard

Hair | Charlotte Belk

Dress | Modern Trousseau

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