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On May 28, Jenna and Jerimie tied the knot on quite possibly the rainiest day of the year. Although the weather didn’t go as planned, everything else came together for their wedding at The Wickliffe House. A huge round of applause and thanks to the team of vendors that pulled this event off!

I remember when I first met with Jenna she had a clear vision for her wedding day. The Wickliffe House was certainly the perfect place for it, especially since Jenna collects the  blue and white porcelain vases that the venue is already adorned with. For her decor, Jenna brought in her own collection of the porcelain vases to set on the tables, and had these beautiful lemon accents throughout! I’m really digging the incorporation of fresh fruit into floral arrangements, it gives the environment such a fresh and cozy feeling. In addition to these elements, Jerimie’s mom made these adorable moss covered dogs that were truly statement pieces. I even tried to convince her to make a beagle one for me 🙂

There’s something about rain that makes people party harder, so when it was time to celebrate, the dance floor was packed from the moment the band hit the first note until the grand finale. I had the best time watching their friends and families bust a move on the dance floor and dance like no one was watching. One of their guests even hopped on the stage and gave us a rendition of his favorite tune, tambourine in hand! If you’re on the hunt for a great party band, check out The Secrets.

I remember getting home after this wedding, setting out all of my rain-soaked gear on a towel to dry, peeling my clothes off that were stuck to me due to the rain, and thinking dang, that was totally worth it. Thank you Jenna and Jerimie for having me as your wedding photographer!

Photographer // Sara Bee Photography

Second Photographer & Sidekick // Caroline Ro

Planner // Semper Signature Events

Catering & Bar // Scratch Kitchen (previously Mediterra Catering)

Band // The Secrets – Other Brother Entertainment

Invitations // Reaves Engraving, Inc.

Cake // Carolina Cake Queen

Florals // Branch Design Studio

Rentals // EventHaus & Ooh! Events

Bridal Gown Boutique // White on Daniel Island

Bridal Gown Designer // Hayley Paige

Makeup // Leslie Moore


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Having been together for nearly ten years, high school sweethearts Lindsey and Corbin finally tied the knot on April 23 this year. It’s so amazing to watch the interaction between two people who have been together for nearly a decade. How they look at each other, how they can understand what the other one is thinking without saying a word, how they know exactly how to interpret one small facial expression. On their wedding day, Lindsey mentioned the results of the test they took as part of their pre-marital counseling. Getting to know the dynamic between these two over the past year or so, it came as no surprise to me that the test revealed Corbin had zero stressors, while Lindsey had numerous. I say this because it never ceases to amaze me how God has pinpointed a spouse for each and every one of us, and He knows exactly what we need in a partner in order to make the marriage mutually beneficial. God knew exactly what He was doing ten years ago when he brought Lindsey and Corbin together in high school, and I know they’ll be extremely blessed in their marriage. Cheers to many more decades of happiness for the Fullers!

Wedding Photographer | Sara Bee Photography

My lovely Second Shooter | Carrie Elizabeth Photography

Ceremony Venue | Saint Luke’s Chapel

Reception Venue | The Wickliffe House

Hair & Makeup | Blushair

Catering | Scratch Kitchen

Rentals | EventHaus

Gown Designer | Hayley Paige

Gown Store | Bridal’s by Jodi

Florals | Charleston Blooms

Cake | Publix Bakery

DJ | DJ Rehab

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  • Lindsey Fuller - You are amazing! I can’t even express how thankful we are that we chose YOU to capture the best day of our lives! You are so much more than a photographer, you have been a great friend! I would recommend you to any future bride/groom…and I WILL!

Well well well. What on earth do I say about these two?! I’ve been looking forward to making this blog post because this couple was definitely one of my favorites from this past summer (I’m allowed to have favorites, right?!). The day started out with one of my favorite makeup artists (Dannon Collard, check her out) doing Maggie’s makeup, so I just KNEW it was going to be a fabulous day. Maggie opted out of getting ready amongst her bridesmaids, and chose to be surrounded by just her mom, dad, and brother. It was SUCH a sweet time for all of them, and it definitely made the day less stressful for her.

I hadn’t met Kyle prior to the wedding day, but I just knew that Maggie would be marrying a gem of a guy. I met Kyle, and boy was I right?! He was so excited to marry his bride and it seriously warmed my heart to see him that way. The best part about the guys was definitely Kyle’s dad, the best man. He kept asking me, “Are we going to be taking pictures in a straight line?” I kept reassuring him that at some point I would line them up. Little did I know what he had up his sleeve, literally. Finally, the moment came where the groomsmen were in a straight line, and the dad proceeds to pull a roll of papers out of his sleeve, and hands out every letter of “BADASSES” to the groomsmen. Well played, dad. Well played.

The rest of the evening didn’t disappoint. From hand-rolled cigars and toasts by both dads, to a guest rapping every word of a song that I can’t remember right now and the dad stealing the show during the song “shout”, this evening was quite the source of entertainment. Cheers to you, Maggie and Kyle!

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